About Us

We are travellers who believe in the therapeutic value of exploring the globe. We ​see the importance of getting away from it all to focus on ourselves at different stages of our lives. We are believers in the theory that a change of scenery can give you a brand new perspective on life. And we know just what kind of self-development can occur when someone steps out of their comfort zone.


How do we know all of this? Simple, we have been there and done it ourselves. We have used travel as our own form of therapy over the years and we are keen to bring others along for a similar journey.


We offer an individualised service and work one on one with our clients to find a trip that is most suitable for what they hope to achieve during their trip. Whether you are looking to challenge yourself mentally and physically, trying to figure out which path to take in life or are trying to heal yourself after a difficult time, we can assist you to find a getaway that suits your needs.

Sharni Bartlett - Founder

Discover Strengthen Heal was founded by Sharni Bartlett, an Australian who has lived a unique existence. She has been travelling frequently since 2007 and has battled with depression, anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts since she was young.

Sharni grew up in a small town where mental health was largely misunderstood and left as a teenager in search of ways to heal, improve and grow. She's faced a range of difficult situations such as domestic violence, emotional abuse, suicide attempts, sexual assault and homelessness, and has chosen to use these experiences as motivation to better herself and support others.

Travel has had a profound impact on her mental health and wellbeing, giving her a chance to overcome countless challenges and find happiness, contentment and peace. It's because of this that Sharni felt compelled to start Discover Strengthen Heal, as a way to offer the same opportunities for growth to others.

Sharni has been on her journey of self-growth for over 15 years and has found ways to manage her condition rather than let it dictate her life. She's a keen advocate for mental health awareness and started Discover Strengthen Heal to help breakdown the stigma, and show people that investing in their mental health and wellbeing is essential in creating the life of their dreams.

On our trips, Sharni is supported by mental health and general health professionals who bring the technical knowledge and advice, while Sharni draws on her own experiences and shares stories of how she moved past her difficult upbringing, an assortment of negative experiences and her own mental health struggles.

Many of the Discover Strengthen Heal trips take place in locations where Sharni has found growth and healing during past travels. She's an avid traveller and often ventures off the beaten track in search of unique experiences, which is something she likes to incorporate into each Discover Strengthen Heal trip.

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