Anxiety & Depression Combo Group Trips

Depression and Anxiety can be a torturous combination. On one hand you feel as though you can't feel anything, and in the next moment it's as though you feel too much. Battling both anxiety and depression is a challenge but managing these two conditions is entirely possible. With dedication, a strong support network, practical tools and techniques, as well as professional care, these two afflictions need not control your life.

Discover Strengthen Heal's Anxiety and Depression Combo group trips are not your cure or your quick fix. They are an opportunity for anxiety and depression sufferers to take time out of their normal life and focus on improving their mental health and wellbeing. Our team works through a variety of different self-care techniques with the group, we explore the nature of both conditions and the impact they have on participants, and we assist participants to develop realistic plans of how they can manage their anxiety and depression more effectively.

Groups learn about mindfulness, stress management, and the impact of diet and exercise on mental health, among other things.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: People struggling with depression and anxiety who want to invest time in themselves to improve their ability to manage their condition.

Locations: Republic of Georgia, Nepal, Mongolia, Jordan, South Korea.

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