Coping with Stress Group Trips

Stress is an inevitable part of life but very few of us practice stress management techniques as part of our everyday life. This is the reason why the Discover Strengthen Heal team decided to design a stress themed trip.


Our Coping with Stress group trips are a perfect combination of relaxation and learning. These trips allow participants to disconnect from the worries of their everyday life, immerse themselves in nature and invest in themselves and their own wellbeing.

Our mental health team works with individuals to understand the impact of stress, introduce mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and implement stress management tools into their daily routine. Our health and nutrition team arm groups with simple strategies to help combat stress with exercise, and introduce healthy eating habits to assist participants to stay healthy during times of high stress.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: People living highly stressful lives who are looking to learn effective techniques to help minimise the effects of stress.

Locations: Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, Jordan, South Korea, the Philippines, Nepal.

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