Healthy Relationships Group Trips

Unhealthy relationships can take an unbelievable toll on our mental and physical health. They don't just zap us of our positive energy and happiness, they also have the ability to drain us of our self-worth and self-belief.

Discover Strengthen Heal's Healthy Relationships group trip is an important trip that allows participants to explore the nature of the relationships they have with those around them. Our knowledgable team helps the group to identify unhealthy behaviours, arms them with tools to help them manage unhealthy relationships, and introduces simple techniques that can be used to ensure their mental health and wellbeing remains unscathed when dealing with toxic situations.

This trip is all about empowering individuals to recognise and manage unhealthy relationships, and encouraging the group to focus their time and energy into developing healthier relationships with those around them.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: Those who are wanting to improve the romantic, social and family relationships they have with those around them.

Locations: South Korea, Mongolia, Jordan, Nepal, the Philippines, the Republic of Georgia.

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