Why Jordan?

The Jordanian desert is unlike any

other place on earth. There's something

mysteriously beautiful about this desert

that can only be understood by experiencing

it for yourself. It's a wonderful place to go to

reconnect with the real you. There's something

about the complete silence, the ancient history etched into the rock faces and the sparkling starry nights that give you a sense of just how magical this world is. The slower pace of life forces you to relax and allows you to just be in the now, something we can forget how to do in our busy modern lives.

Our trips to the Kingdom of Jordan are led by a fascinating bedouin family who welcome us as part of their own. This unique location gives participants a rare glimpse into the long-standing and authentic culture of the tribes from this area. These nights in the desert are unforgettable and are filled with campfires and traditional Arabic music played on homemade instruments. Our bedouin hosts share a long history in the region and have a passion for sustaining their desert home and their tribal culture. They are the inspiring people who make these trips truly remarkable.

Our gracious hosts entertain our groups by sharing ancient stories of times gone by, insight into how they see life and we get to take part in cultural activities that have taken place for many generations. Perhaps one of the simplest pleasures during our trips to Jordan is the evening cups of tea, listening to tribe elders share their memories of growing up in the desert as we watch the sun go down. It's a deep connection across cultures and generations that can't be explained, only felt.

Discover Strengthen Heal groups stay in a variety of accommodation including a fixed tent bedouin camp, simple tents and perhaps the most stunning of all - optional nights sleeping under the stars.

We don't think it's possible to leave the Jordanian desert the same as you arrived. It provides so many unique bedouin experiences as well as being the perfect location to disconnect, reflect and reconnect with who you are. This beautiful location has a special way of positively impacting the mental health and wellbeing of all who step foot there. The sunrises and sunsets are an incredible sight and the moonlit nights are second to none.

Desert walks, sand dune hikes, rock scrambling and sand boarding are the highlights of this unique trip, and there's also opportunities to learn traditional bedouin cooking, learn more about the culture and if we're lucky, take part in some local festivities.

Our Jordan trips meet and depart from Amman, and include a visit to the stunning seaside city of Aqaba, exploration around the world famous historical site of Petra and a dip in the enchanting Dead Sea. This is a place you don't want to miss.

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