Life After Domestic Abuse Group Trips

Our Life After Domestic Abuse trips are designed for maximum disconnection and reflection. Immersed in stunning natural environments, these trips are ideal for those who have just escaped an abusive relationship.

Our experienced mental health team provides professional support and guidance to help participants begin the transition from victim to survivor. The Discover Strengthen Heal team provides an environment of support and understanding, where each individual can learn practical tools to help them move past their trauma, rebuild their self-esteem and move forward with their lives. These trips have a strong focus on building resilience, gaining independence and breaking the cycle of abusive relationships.

We touch on topics such as self-belief, healthy relationships, inner strength and creating the life you want.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse or emotional abuse.

Locations: Republic of Georgia, South Korea, Nepal, Jordan, the Philippines, Mongolia.

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