Living with Depression Group Trips

Depression manifests differently in different people. For some of us it's a lifelong battle, while others may be hit by the darkness of depression during a challenging circumstance life has thrown their way. Either way, it's crucial that those affected by depression arm themselves with the tools and knowledge needed to pull themselves out of the depths of despair.

Discover Strengthen Heal's Living with Depression group trips are a safe space for depression sufferers to share, learn and grow. These trips have been designed to allow participants to explore their depression in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere, learn tools and techniques to help them overcome depressive episodes, and implement self-care strategies that will assist them in their battle against depression.

On our Living with Depression trips, we explore how mindfulness, exercise and nutrition can impact mental health, and we work to motivate, empower and inspire individuals to keep moving forward, no matter how dark the days. These trips are all about not letting depression get the best of us and learning when to ask for help.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: People struggling with depression who want to learn how to better manage it.

Locations; South Korea, Nepal, Republic of Georgia, Jordan.

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