Despite our growing understanding of mental health, there still remains a

stigma, particularly when it comes to men. Men are statistically less likely to

ask for help and are less likely to practice self-care techniques to help keep

their mental health in check.

Our Men's Mental Health group trips are designed specifically for men. We

aim to provide practical information and introduce useful tools that men can

use in their everyday life that help to promote wellbeing.

These trips are the ideal option for men of any age who want to open up a

dialogue around mental health, understand more about what they are feeling

and why, learn techniques to help them manage stress, anger and other

difficult emotions, and feel more comfortable in working through their own

mental health struggles.

Our mental health team work through a variety of different conditions such as depression, anxiety, sexuality, trauma and body image, depending on the needs of each specific group.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: Men who want to kickstart their journey towards good health and wellbeing.

Locations: Jordan, Mongolia, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Nepal.

Men's Mental Health Group Trips

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