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November 2, 2018

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Mourning a Loved One: How Some Timeout in Nature Can Help You Overcome Your Grief


Grief is a natural emotion that you experience following the death of your loved one or loss of something dear to you. When you lose someone dear to you, the tendency is to experience all forms of complex and sudden emotions like deep sadness, shock, anger, worry, disbelief and guilt.The pain associated with grief is frequently overwhelming.


The impact grieving will have on your health and overall well-being depends on your ability to manage your grief well. If not properly managed, grief can upset your physical health, deprive you of sleep, affect your appetite and prevent you from thinking straight. It may also result in depression.


Even though death and grief are an inescapable component of life, when we learn to manage our grief in a proper manner, it results in growth rather than eroding us. If you have lost your loved one, this article will teach you how taking time out in nature can help you manage your grief and triumph through life instead of letting sadness caused by grief swallow your life.



Nature and Grief


Nature has the power to bring serenity and precision. It can serve as reflective moments when you take some time out to receive the freshness that comes with being in the

midst of natural elements. Nature has calming and spiritual effects on all but when used to manage the grief of a loved one; it serves as a very powerful and soothing therapy for both the spiritual self and the physical self.

Nature reminds us in one aspect that death is real and inescapable. It does go beyond creating awareness of the reality of death and provides us with indisputable physical evidence that life goes on.


The Main Healing Effects of Nature on Grief


  • Nature reminds us of the endless circle of life and supplies us with evidence of death, and that of transformation, restitution, and regeneration.

  • Nature soothes our pain and offers us emotional comfort in times of grief

  • Nature supports and nurtures our total well-being and health, heals our grief and saves us from being depressed.


How We Can Use Nature to Heal Our Grief


  • Engaging in nature-based rituals like woodland burials and grief walking retreats.

  • Merely getting outside more into the natural environment by going for walks either alone, with friends, or with a walking group aimed at assisting people in grief. The healing effect is due to high levels of oxygen which raises the levels of serotonin and affects your mood positively.

  • Walking, hiking or running in natural environments can heal your grief by producing endorphins that enhance your feelings and reduce possible occurrence of depression.

  • Physically viewing natural elements can result in healing effects which could potentially recuperate you after the loss of a loved one.

  • Reflecting in your mind with the images of nature can easily regenerate you and inspire you to forge ahead even when all hope seems to be lost.

  • Planting seeds and watching them grow has a lot of potential therapeutic effects. It can motivate you to form a direct, personal connection with nature’s healing properties.

  • Nature can serve as a symbol of the circle of life. The sight of trees, leaves, soil and flowers will serve as a reminder of the natural progression of human life.

  • Nature’s serene environment makes it easier for you to reflect on your life and that of your loved one that has passed on.

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