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November 2, 2018

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How Self-reflection and Travel Can Help You Heal After Losing a Loved One

The therapeutic effects of taking yourself to a new environment during times of grief


Irrespective of your emotional state, traveling frequently provides you with some insight about life. It does so much more when you take timeout to grieve. The loss of a loved one can make you feel extremely isolated, lonely and withdrawn. Travelling can help you overcome the negative and possible depressive mood that could result from grief.


Grieving, pain and sorrow can occasionally be so intense that the only way to deal with it effectively is to leave your present environment and travel to a new location to regain control of life and yourself.


Breaking your routine and moving away to a new environment for a week or more has great healing effects. It refreshes you and makes you to feel more alive.


Self-reflection therapy for grief


Grieving provides a great opportunity for spiritual transformation. Accepting your grief is the solution for healing and a constructive spiritual makeover. Seeing the spiritual significance of grief will transform your soul and make you a better person.


Grief never ends in reality, irrespective of how much time has passed. It can become less painful and more manageable after a while but could be triggered every now and then, especially when things happen to remind us about our departed loved ones.


The same way death transforms your loved one from the physical to the spiritual, your grief can serve as a spiritual opportunity for you. Thus, while death transforms the dying, grief is a chance for the living to get transformed.


Your grief helps you to reflect not only about the life of your loved one, but your life as well. Self-reflection has a therapeutic effect and can be effective at deepening your spiritual awareness. Silence obtained through self-reflection provides a great help to the soul.


Self-reflection helps in any form of learning but while grieving, it helps you to learn about your intrinsic spiritual core.


Self-reflection helps in personal development by increasing self-awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and problems plus how to take care of them.


Self-reflection initiates introspection and helps you to ponder on the meaning of life and death.

Just as we think, feel and act differently, the way you experience grief may vary from that of other people. There are many ways to deal with grief and come to terms with the death of your loved ones.


Getting out into nature and reflecting about your life and that of your loved one, can provide therapeutic effects to your soul and help you to effectively manage your grief and move on with life.

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