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November 2, 2018

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4 Little Known Truths to Help You Plow Through Tough Times

October 13, 2018

When times are tough, it’s difficult to stay positive and it's even harder to remain focused on our goals and aspirations. During these rough patches we find ourselves wondering if and when our luck will change so we can finally find peace. But no matter how hard we work or how fiercely we hope, hardships will always remain a part of our life.


Difficult times however, do not have to dictate our life in a negative way. If we are prepared to change our outlook a little, we can use each one of these tough situations to our advantage. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth.


The more we view life’s tests as catalysts for growth, the better prepared we are to sail through life, no matter how tumultuous the sea.



Pain Is Inevitable So We Might As Well Embrace It


Pain is an unavoidable part of life. We have no choice but to go through tough times but do have a choice whether or not we let our pain dictate our life.


Just as we approach the up's with enthusiasm and passion, we need approach the down's with equal measures of determination and resilience to ensure we come out the other side, unscathed and stronger than before.


Pain Can Motivate Us To Move Forward


We learn from birth that pain, whether it be physical or psychological, is purely a negative force but it doesn't have to be. We'll never be able to change the unpleasant feelings that we experience as a result of pain, but we can change the way we process it and how we react to it.


By accepting what we feel, acknowledging the unpleasantness of it and facing our pain head on, we are able to understand the 'why' behind what we are feeling. This gives us the ultimate power over pain. Only then are we fully able to take charge of the situation and take conscious action rather than the knee-jerk reaction of running away.


Once we're in a position to act rather than react, we can use that pain as a source for growth. We can choose to let it motivate us to do better and to be better.


Your Mindset Determines Your Outcomes


Our minds are the most powerful tools we possess, and what goes on inside of them has the ability to influence every part of our lives. While pain is an inevitable part of life, we do have the power to change what side effects we have to endure as a result of it. The reactions we have to negative feelings can have a lasting effect on our mind and body so it's crucial that we get it right.


If we continually react to painful experiences negatively and without thought, we find ourselves in an ongoing loop of regret, disappointment and further pain. This causes us ongoing stress which can affect us significantly, both physically and emotionally.


But If we react wisely and more thoughtfully to pain, we set ourselves up for the best possible outcome which ultimately reduces the likelihood of us ending up in the same type of painful situation again. 


Most Fears Are Not Representative Of Reality


It's important to differentiate between real and perceived threats. Over-thinking, anxiety and our imagination can often lead us to believe that more threats exist than is reality. If we never question the validity of these perceived threats and simply believe them to be true, we wind up spending an awful amount of time and emotional energy worrying about them.


What's more beneficial to our emotional and physical health, is to take a step back from the situation and assess the things more critically. With an objective view on what's happening we are able to pick and choose what we spend our time and energy worrying about.


Some people find it useful to write the details down, while others gain objectivity through discussing the situation with someone else. Which ever way you go about it, once you evaluate the situation in a structured way, you'll find that things are far less dire than you first thought.


The crash of each wave in the ocean leads to the cresting of another, in exactly the same way life takes us through highs and lows. Each rough patch is merely just a swell, bringing with it, its own challenge to be conquered before we get to experience the thrill of riding another wave.


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