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November 2, 2018

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Revelations That Come From Losing a Loved One

October 24, 2018

Losing a loved one is never easy. It causes a deep, sobering pain that can't quite be put into words. Regardless of whether your loved one's passing was expected or entirely out of the blue, you're still crushed by the same feelings of shock, numbness and despair.


The relationships we have with others is the foundation for our whole entire existence. These relationships make our experiences deeper and our lives more meaningful, so when we lose a part of that foundation, it hits us at our core. It's not easy to say goodbye to someone who holds a special place in your heart and there's no rules about how you should handle it.


Every person processes grief differently and that's ok. Despite what we may be told, there is no proper way to mourn the loss of a loved one, there is nothing that can be said or done to make it easier, we all must take the journey of grief, on our own terms, in our own way and in our own time. What is certain though, is that in time you will heal. The uncontrollable tears will stop. The debilitating ache in your chest will subside. You will start to feel again. The days do get brighter. Your life will go on.


Grief brings a darkness to our life like no other, but it also has the ability to teach us some of life's biggest lessons. Grief has the potential to transform your life if you're willing to learn from it. Being open to the wisdom we unearth while navigating through the journey of grief allows us to be more accepting of our loss, guides us down the path of healing and aids us in moving forward with our life.


Unspoken bonds run deeper than we could ever know

Grief shows us that the connections we have with those closest to us run far deeper than we can ever comprehend. We realise it's not the words that we spoke nor the things that we've done that connects us, it's the emotions that we felt, the indescribable feelings we experienced because of them that formed that special bond between us. Grief confronts you with the reality that these bonds stretch far beyond the grave.


People will surprise you in unimaginable ways

Grief never fails to bring out the best and the worst in people. Some of the people that you expect to be there for you will miserably disappoint you, while you'll find comfort, understanding and support in the most unlikely of people.


You are stronger than you'll ever know

Grief pushes us beyond our limits. It's the biggest test of your resilience and inner strength. It shatters your very being and takes you right up to your breaking point. But no matter the strength its crushing force, you are still able to survive it. You have an innate strength that you'll only realise once you've survived the heartbreak of losing a loved on.


Regret is a life sentence

Regret is a burden that people take to the grave. It's also a lifelong weight that those of us left behind must bear. Knowing that we may never get the chance to rectify our wrongs or undo the mistakes we've made is a sobering revelation. Let it motivate you to live a life without regrets. Make peace today because there may not be another chance.


Love is the essence of life

Life is nothing without love. Life is the love we show others, the love we receive and those captivating moments in which we are all-consumed by our feelings of love. It's our raw, genuine expressions of love for those in our life and the vulnerability in allowing ourselves to feel love so strong that it's palpable. All of the worldly possessions are incomparable to the value of living a love-filled life. It's love, in all its forms, that makes life, life.


The only time we have is now

The loss of a loved one reminds us that it could all be gone in an instant. Loss teaches us that life is fragile, our time is limited and tomorrow isn't guaranteed. This wake up call forces us to realise that the only time we have is now and we must make every moment count. Whatever it is, do it now.


Grief is a painful experience that can teach us so much. Let it open your eyes up to the fragility of life and when you move forward, move forward with more love, acceptance and kindness for those around you. Soak in the beauty of your life and cherish the good that surrounds you before it's lost.


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