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9 Ways a Discover Strengthen Heal Group Trip is Different to Any Other Trip You'll Ever Take

November 2, 2018

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9 Ways a Discover Strengthen Heal Group Trip is Different to Any Other Trip You'll Ever Take

November 2, 2018

Discover Strengthen Heal offers a style of travel that's never been seen before. After years of travelling the world in search of ways to improve our own mental health and wellbeing, we developed a unique wellbeing travel concept that can help people kickstart their own self-development journey.


Here are nine ways which our trips differ from the usual retreat visit or international group trip.


You're surrounded by like-minded people

Our group trips are offered by theme so you're sure to be surrounded by like-minded people who've come along on the trip hoping to achieve the same outcome as you.

We offer a range of different trip themes such as men's mental health, depression, grief, anxiety, self-esteem and stress, amongst others. This means that everyone signing up for a trip, is signing up because they're facing the same struggles as you and all share the same goal of overcoming and improving in that particular area. With the entire group open to improving their life and focused on achieving the same goals, it inspires a really positive environment in which people can share, reflect and grow.


Our trips are a safe space to share

On a Discover Strengthen Heal trip, you're surrounded by people who are going through the same things as you. They can understand your thoughts, feelings and struggles and this is conducive to creating a safe space for people to openly share and discuss what it is they're struggling with.

Sharing your innermost struggles with a group of strangers can be daunting so aside from the empathy your fellow companions can offer, the Discover Strengthen Heal team also enforces a strict confidentiality policy that ensures the privacy of our participants is upheld by everyone taking part in our trips. We take privacy seriously and do our best to ensure the sensitive information shared during our trips is held in confidence by all participants and staff.


We offer a local approach

We take you to places far away from the usual tourist trail and work alongside local people to bring you authentic cultural experiences that can aid you on your journey of self-growth. Aside from boosting the local economy, we use these connections with the local community to allow participants to see life through the different lens. Seeing a new way of living and being exposed to a new culture, never fails to inspire us to reflect and re-evaluate on our own lives, beliefs and priorities.


We give you a flexible itinerary

We understand that every group we travel with will be different so our trips maintain a relatively flexible itinerary. This allows us to adapt to the needs of the group and offer a truly unique experience for each and every group we lead.


We have a wide range of optional activities

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, a thrill seeker or looking for relaxation, we have a wide range of activities available for participants to take part in, depending on their tastes. You may prefer yoga at sun rise or a morning lie in. Perhaps you'd rather journal than hike a mountain. Each place varies slightly but one thing is consistent across all locations and trips we offer, there's never any pressure for our groups to take part in specific activities, we let our participants decide for themselves.


We provide you with professional advice, support and practical information

Discover Strengthen Heal was founded on the principle that our trips needed to be more than just a feel good getaway, they needed to be practical, informative and useful for the longer term. This is precisely why we engage highly experienced professionals on all of our trips.

Our team of passionate professionals run informative workshops, hold demonstrations, coordinate coaching sessions and carry out one-on-one counselling in areas such as nutrition, fitness, body image, confidence, anxiety, grief, trauma and so much more. These sessions give participants practical advice and useful tools that they can incorporate into their every day life to continue building on their progress when they get back home.


We cater to your specific wellbeing needs

Our trip themes offer a focused approach to our participants' specific needs. The specially designed trips we offer each cover one of a wide of topics such as depression, grief, stress, caregiver's respite and men's mental health, to name a few. Categorising our trips in such a way and choosing our locations and activities around each specific theme, allows us to give you more of what you need. Our focused approach is unlike any other option available, something we are extremely proud of.


We take you off the beaten track

We choose awe-inspiring locations nestled amongst stunning scenery and the calm of nature. Our locations are well off the beaten track and are chosen specifically for their raw natural beauty. The locations we travel to are locally known secrets and provide the perfect environment for our groups to disconnect from the stresses of regular life and allow for maximum reflection and relaxation.


When you're with us, it's all about you

Our trips are all about you. They are your investment in your own wellbeing, your gift to your own mental health. Discover Strengthen Heal offers individuals the opportunity to take a break and focus purely on their own needs, something that is far too rare in this modern age.





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