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9 Ways a Discover Strengthen Heal Group Trip is Different to Any Other Trip You'll Ever Take

November 2, 2018

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10 Types of Discover Strengthen Heal Group Trips You Should Know About

November 11, 2018

The style of wellbeing travel that we offer at Discover Strengthen Heal is truly unique. In order to give our participants the best chance at improving their situation, we've categorised our trips into specific themes so we're able to offer a more focused approach to achieving goals and improving wellbeing.


These are just ten of the trips styles we have on offer through Discover Strengthen Heal:


Grief and Loss

For those struggling with the loss of a loved one, our Overcoming Grief trips are a great way to help you move more effectively through the grieving process.

These trips incorporate relaxation activities such as yoga and meditation, opportunities for reflection through journalling and group activities, as well as workshops run by our mental health team to help participants better understand the grieving process.

Participants on our Overcoming Grief trips will walk away from the trip, armed with a wealth of useful tools and knowledge to help them ease their way through grief and onto acceptance. The goal of this trip is to empower participants to be able to move on with their life in positive and healthy ways after the loss of a loved one.



Our Living with Depression trips are ideal for participants who want to regain control of their life and learn effective techniques to help them manage their depression in everyday life. Our experienced team offers a holistic approach to managing depression, looking at nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and other psychological techniques that can be incorporated into participants' daily routines.

Our trips are not a quick fix, nor are they are cure, they arm participants with tools, information and practical advice so they can better manage their depression for the long term.



Our Managing Anxiety trips also include information related to depression as the two conditions are strongly linked. These trips are carefully designed with the participants' needs in mind. Our team of professionals introduce a wide range of techniques that can help participants to effectively manage their anxiety long after the trip is over.

We look at an array of psychology-based techniques, mindfulness, nutrition and exercise to help participants minimise their levels of anxiety, and keep their minds and bodies healthy.


Men's Mental Health

There's still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health in men so we decided to design a wellbeing trip specifically for them.

Our Men's Mental Health trips are generalised trips that focus on the overall mental health and wellbeing of our male participants. A wide variety of topics are covered during these trips, depending on the specific needs of the group,  These trips are run by men and provide one-on-one support for those wanting to address a particular issue.


Life Change/Career Change/Empty Nest

Our Your New Chapter trips offer generalised support and motivation for anyone going through a major life change. Whether it be the last of your children leaving home, retirement, a career change or any other major life event, these trips allow ample time for reflection and equip participants with the tools to tackle the next chapter of their lives with enthusiasm, positivity and passion.



Maintaining healthy self-esteem levels in this social-media-driven modern world is tough, and overcoming your self-esteem issues is even harder. Our Building Self-Esteem trips are the perfect option for those wanting to kick their negative self-image to the curb and focus on boosting their self-worth.

These trips combine a range of workshops and activities, designed to boost self-esteem and promote a healthy self-image. Our team shares a wealth of knowledge and arms participants with the techniques and tools needed to help maintain a healthy self-esteem, no matter what life throws at them.



Our Coping with Stress trips are the ideal trips for those working in highly stressful jobs or going through periods of high stress in their lives. The aim of these trips is to arm participants with tools and techniques needed to keep stress levels to a minimum and manage stress in more healthy and effective ways.

Our team looks at a wide range of stress management techniques such as mindfulness and exercise, and we also provide advice to participants on how to maintain their health during times of high stress through nutrition, fitness and relaxation.



Our Caregivers Respite trips are the perfect getaway for individuals who are the primary caregiver for a loved one or for those who work in a high stress caregiving job such as nursing, disability support or medicine.

These trips give participants the chance to step away from their role, rest, relax, rejuvenate, and learn a wide assortment of techniques that can help them better cope with their situation. We look at stress management, and the emotional and physical toll of caregiving, and provide the group with tools to help them keep their minds and bodies healthy during their day to day life as a caregiver.


Body Image/Eating Disorders

Our Body Positive trip is designed to give participants the tools and knowledge they need to learn to love themselves just as they are. We cover topics such as self-esteem, confidence, body image and eating disorders, and we work in one-on-one and group settings to help participants develop healthy relationships with diet, exercise and their own bodies.

Our team educates participants on nutrition and healthy eating, and helps them to develop realistic goals that they can work on long after the trip is over.



Domestic Abuse

Our Life After Domestic Abuse trips are focused on helping our participants kick start their journey from victim to survivor.

Our experienced professionals gives the group a wide range of tools to help them begin the healing process, move past the trauma of their past and reclaim their lives.

These trips have a strong focus on empowerment, building inner-strength, acceptance and taking back control. We touch on issues such as domestic violence, emotional abuse and sexual abuse.

The road to recovery is a long one but our Life After Domestic Abuse trips are designed to motivate victims so they can avoid falling back into abusive situations and move forward to create a happier, healthier, safer and more fulfilling future for themselves.


If you would like more information about any of our group trips, please get in touch with us.



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