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9 Ways a Discover Strengthen Heal Group Trip is Different to Any Other Trip You'll Ever Take

November 2, 2018

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12 Ways Solo Travel Prepares You to Take Charge of Your Life

November 14, 2018

For me, travel has become less of a holiday activity and more of a self-care technique. Over the years I've used solo travel as a tool to help me get through tough times, a way for me to reflect and gain some clarity on my situation, and a motivation for me to improve myself and my life.


Travel never fails to teach me something new on every trip I take myself on and I always come back invigorated and motivated to take charge of my destiny. That feeling is perhaps the most addictive part of travel for me.


Solo travel builds your resilience

With every tough situation, every difficult moment and every challenge you face during your solo adventure, you're unknowingly building your resilience. This resilience stays with you long after you've arrived back home and this increased capacity to cope will help get you through when times get tough.


Solo travel boosts your self-esteem

Independent travel forces you to step out on your own, you're all you've got to rely on. And with every success, no matter how small, your confidence is given a boost. You have no choice but to put yourself out there, try new things and meet new people. With every step you take outside of your comfort zone your self-esteem naturally grows.


Solo travel teaches you to be fearless

Being out in the big wide world on your own, it doesn't take long for you to realise that fear is a wasted emotion. Travel gives you an understanding of how much you hold yourself back in life because you're afraid. Eventually you stop letting your fears of failure and rejection hold you back from reaching your full potential.


Solo travel opens your eyes to endless possibilities

When you're in a new place surrounded by new sights, new sounds, new tastes and new smells, your mind goes into overdrive. With all your senses stimulated, your imagination starts to run wild and you begin to see life through a different set of eyes. With this new perspective, you start to see possibilities and opportunities that you didn't realise were within reach before.


Solo travel teaches you to face challenges head on

There's no way to avoid challenges when you're on your own in a foreign land. There's you and you alone, and you realise quickly that your only option is to tackle obstacles head on. The more you do this, the more it becomes second nature and you start to think of challenges as positive opportunities for growth rather than something to be feared.


Solo travel gives you clarity

Travelling alone gives you a great deal of opportunity for reflection. Uninterrupted by every day life, your mind naturally wanders to thoughts of life and what you want out of it. You start to contemplate the bigger picture with a far clearer outlook than you do when you're back home.


Solo travel shows you what's important

When you're faced with the reality of a different way of life, it's impossible to not begin to evaluate your own. Being exposed to different cultures and different sets of beliefs and values, you start to assess your own priorities. Your experiences begin to challenge your beliefs and values, and start to influence what you see as important.


Solo travel builds your inner-strength

Independent travel takes away the safety and security of all that is familiar. Everything you know has been thrown out the window and your support network is far away, so you've got no choice but to fend for yourself. Your capacity to cope increases and without realising it, your mental strength grows dramatically.


Solo travel provides you with an endless amount of 'aha' moments

You often find answers to questions in the most unlikely of places. Being in a place where nothing is recognisable and no one knows you is extremely inspiring. And when you're surrounded by new beliefs, new cultures and new ways of seeing things, your mind begins to analyse things differently. These new experiences and sensations inspire you and your creativity soars.

With so many changes going on inside your head, things that have been weighing on your mind for some time seem to just click into place. Whether you've been suffering from writer's block, you're not sure how to resolve a family conflict or you've hit a roadblock on a project at work, travel can help you find new solutions to old problems.


Solo travel frees your mind to think big

When you're alone in a far off land, there's plenty of time for you to be alone with your own thoughts. You're freed of the distractions of normal life and this gives you the inspiration and mental capacity to dream big, the only limit is your imagination.


Solo travel expands your social network

You never know who you're going to meet when you're galavanting around the world alone. You come across people whose paths you would never normally cross if you hadn't have headed off abroad. You can never predict the impact that these chance meetings will have on your life, nor can you imagine the life-long bonds that you establish with strangers you meet in the most unexpected of places.


Solo travel helps you master the art of problem solving

When you're on your own in a foreign country, you're the maker of your own destiny, you have to figure it all out on your own. With practice (and a few fails) you get really good at making good decisions and figuring out solutions to any problems that come your way.


Whether you're contemplating a change of direction or you're already in the process of making some major changes in your life, consider adding a trip abroad to your 'to do' list. Discover Strengthen Heal offers Change Your Life group trips that are the perfect option for individuals wanting to transform their lives into something more positive and meaningful.

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