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November 2, 2018

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5 Benefits to Online Therapy

January 4, 2019

Starting therapy can be a daunting task if you've never sought professional help for your mental health and wellbeing before. The thought of speaking to someone about your deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings can be more than enough to make many of us quit, before we even make it to our first appointment. Then there's those of us who feel that therapy is something that we'd like to do but the logistics of it seem too hard to figure out, so we leave it in the 'too hard' basket and never quite get around to booking our first session.


By letting a myriad of reasons prevent us from getting the professional support we need, we are risking our health, our happiness, our relationships, our productivity and our quality of life. But if we prioritise our mental health, and are committed to keeping ourselves emotionally well, we are giving ourselves the greatest chance at living a content and fulfilling life.


The marvels of modern technology have allowed us to adapt the way we deliver mental health services and side step a lot of the obstacles that used to prevent people from accessing these extremely valuable services.


We've recently teamed up with Modern Therapy to make it easier for our community to access therapy services. The team at Modern Therapy are highly qualified, extremely passionate and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their clients make it through life's tougher moments. Their therapists can deliver sessions via email, text messaging, voice call or video call, making it an ideal option for anyone, regardless of their comfort level.


Here are five reasons why online therapy is the perfect option for anyone:


1. No Physical Boundaries:

Connecting with a counselor online eliminates the need to seek out a therapist within your city limits. This gives you a wider range of therapists to choose from, instead of staying with one locally out of necessity due to lack of options. Eliminating physical boundaries also means that you won’t run into any uncomfortable moments while seeing your therapist at the grocery store.


2. Efficiency:

Working full-time, raising a family, going to school, whatever life throws at you - chances are, most people set aside very little time for personal care. Having a dedicated online therapist means that you can spend your time in session, when it’s convenient for you, rather than driving back and forth from an appointment.


3. No More Stigma:

It is very common for people to avoid therapy due to the surrounding stigma. With online therapy, you have nothing to worry about! You won’t run into anyone in the waiting room and you can get the guidance you need without stressing yourself out even more.


4. Privacy:

Online therapy gives you the privacy and confidentiality you expect when seeking a therapist. When seeing an online therapist online, they must adhere to their local and federal laws and your sessions are always protected by HIPAA. 


5. Pricing:

Online therapy will cost less than traditional therapy due to the nature of the model. Even those who use their insurance to see a therapist in person, tend to pay copays as high as what you would pay out of pocket to see an online therapist. With online monthly subscriptions, you can have therapy in the palm of your hands for a much more affordable rate.


On top of their already super affordable rates, the team at Modern Therapy are offering the Discover Strengthen Heal community 10% off their first month of services, so there really is no time like the present to start investing in your own happiness. Quote DiscoverStrengthenHeal to take advantage of this great offer.


2019 is your year. Make it count!


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