Stress Management Group Trip - Nepal

NOV 4-15, 2019

Stress is one of life's biggest obstacles and is responsible for many health problems, relationship struggles and frequently prevents us from reaching our full potential.

This trip is more than just a relaxing stress-relieving getaway, it's designed to also educate participants by helping them understand what stress is and how it affects us, as well as giving them techniques they can take home to help them combat stress long after the trip is over.

This trip is ideal for people who work in highly stressful jobs, those that are going through a high stress period of their life, or people who have realised the impact stress is having on their happiness, health, relationships and productivity.


Nepal is one of those places that once visited, forever has your heart. Our Nepal trips kick off with a visit to the unforgettable World Heritage Site of Boudhanath. We spend our time here taking in the sights, sounds and energy before making our way to our retreat in the mountains.

The main portion of our stay in Nepal is spent in a quiet, mountain paradise where we take part in daily yoga and meditation sessions, nourish our bodies with the homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables, tend to the on-site garden, explore the nearby villages and take in the picturesque views of the mountains surrounding us.

The DSH team will be running their group and individual sessions with participants for the duration of the trip, allowing the group to understand more about their struggles, learn how their depression affects their life, and develop ways which can help them manage their depression for the long term.

Last but certainly not least, we walk to the enchanting area of Panauti where we can soak in the beauty that is everyday life here in Nepal.

Nepal takes us back to a simpler way of living, while giving us the chance to calm our minds, rejuvenate our bodies, and return home feeling re-energised and ready to tackle life.

What's Included

Transfers to and from the airport

All in-country transport


All meals

Daily yoga and meditation sessions

Two local cooking classes

Visit to Thrangu Tash Yanste Monestary

Local village walks

Guided walk to Panuati

Entrance fees and guided tour of Boudhanath (World Heritage Site)

All DSH workshops and one-on-one sessions with our mental health and fitness professionals

Pick Up & Drop Off Point: Kathmandu Airport

Cost: $US2,650

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