Teacher's Recharge Group Trips

Although an extremely rewarding career, teaching can be physically,

emotionally and mentally draining for those in the profession. Teachers

face a high amount of stress in their day to day professional life, and

we are seeing more teachers experience burnout with each passing

school year. The chronic stress affecting teachers doesn't just impact

their mental and physical health, it also significantly affects their job

performance and the quality of their teaching.

In order to combat the impact of stress on our teachers, the Discover Strengthen Heal team has designed a trip specifically for them. These trips aim to give teachers a break from the stresses of their everyday life, recharge their mind and body, and allow them to go back to school refreshed and re-energised.

Our team gives participants a range of practical tools to help them manage their stress levels and prevent burnout, as well as assists them to develop strategies that they can use to keep their mind and body healthy all year round.

Our Teacher's Recharge trips are the perfect option for teachers who are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, who want to rediscover their passion, enthusiasm and love for teaching.

Join us on one of our Teacher's Recharge trips and return to work re-engaged and armed with tools to help you get more satisfaction from the work that you do.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: Teachers experiencing stress, mental fatigue or disengagement.

Locations: Jordan, Republic of Georgia, Nepal, Uganda, South Korea.

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