Group Trip Themes

Coping with Stress (more info)

Ideal for: People with high-stress jobs or those experiencing excess stress in their personal lives.

Focuses: Stress Management Tools, Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness, Prevention of Stress Overload, Self-Care.

Body Positive (more info)

Ideal for: People struggling with negative self-image, body image issues and eating disorders.

Focuses: Building Self-Confidence, Developing Healthy Relationships with Diet and Exercise, Increase Self-Esteem., Setting Healthy Goals.

Letting Go of the Past (more info)

Ideal for: People who feel they are being held back by their past experiences.

Focuses: Understanding Trauma, Limiting Beliefs and Behaviours, Self-Sabotage, Forgiveness and Letting Go, Regaining Control of Your Life.

Healthy Relationships (more info)

Ideal for: People who are currently in or have been in unhealthy romantic social or family relationships.

Focuses: Toxic Relationships, Recognising Unhealthy Behaviours, Setting Boundaries, Effectively Managing Unhealthy Relationships.

Overcoming Grief (more info)

Ideal for: Those struggling with the loss of a loved one or coming to terms with miscarriage.

Focuses: Understanding Loss, Navigating the Grieving Process, Reflection Techniques, Self-Care, Reaching Acceptance, Moving Forward.

Moving on After Heartbreak (more info)

Ideal for: People struggling with the breakdown of a long term relationship or marriage.

Focuses: Loss and Acceptance, Letting Go, Adjusting to Independence, Supporting Your Children, Trust, Healing, Owning Your Future, Healthy Relationships, Moving On.

Men's Mental Health (more info)

Ideal for: Men wanting to improve their mental health and wellbeing in a supportive group environment.

Focuses: Asking for Help, Being Open to Mental Health Discussions, Improving Wellbeing Through Exercise, Diet and Mindfulness, Impact of Mental Health on Relationships, Anger Management Techniques and more.

Living with Depression (more info)

Ideal for: Long term sufferers who are interested in wanting to learn how to manage their Depression more effectively.

Focuses: Understanding Depression, Self-Care Strategies , Mindfulness Techniques, Managing Depression with Nutrition and Exercise.

Kicking Bad Habits (more info)

Ideal for: Those who want to kick their bad habits such as smoking, gambling, binge drinking or binge eating to the curb.

Focuses: Understanding the Root Causes and the Impact on Your Health, Un-Doing Bad Habits, Peer Pressure, Mindful Decision Making, Maintaining Focus.

Building Self-Esteem (more info)

Ideal for: People wanting to boost their confidence and self-esteem, and keep it that way.

Focuses: Self-Belief, Handling Rejection, Confidence Building Techniques, Self-Acceptance, Eliminating Negative Self-Talk and Self-Doubt.

Living with Anxiety (more info)

Ideal for: Anxiety suffers wanting to learn techniques to effectively manage their Anxiety.

Focuses: Understanding Anxiety, Stress Management, Anxiety Triggers, Mindfulness, Managing Anxiety Effectively.

Your New Chapter (more info)

Ideal for: People going through a major life change such as divorce, an empty nest or a career change.

Focuses: Moving on From the Past, Exploring New Opportunities, Planning for the Future, Achieving Your Goals, Living the Life You Want.

Life After Domestic Abuse (more info)

Ideal for: Survivors of Domestic Violence, and Emotional and Sexual Abuse who want to break the cycle and take back control of their lives.

Focuses: Effects of Trauma, Accepting the Past, Self-Care, Letting Go of Negative Emotions, Breaking the Cycle, Moving Forward.

Caregiver's Respite (more info)

Ideal for: Full time caregivers to loved ones, people in high-stress caregiving jobs such as Nursing, Palliative Care and Disability Support.

Focuses: Managing Stress and Emotions, Self-Care, Mindfulness, Self-Preservation in Difficult Circumstances, Compassion Fatigue.

Teacher's Recharge (more info)

Ideal for: Teachers in high stress jobs who need to recharge their batteries.

Focuses: Managing Stress, 'You' Time, Mindfulness, Healthy Work-Life Balance, Staying Motivated and Engaged, Re-Discovering Your Passion, Importance of Nutrition and Exercise.

Anxiety and Depression Combo (more info)

Ideal for: Sufferers of Anxiety and Depression who would like to take back control of their lives.

Focuses: Understanding Depression and Anxiety, Self-Care, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Understanding Triggers, Benefits of Good Nutrition and Exercise in Managing Anxiety and Depression.

Change Your Life (more info)

Ideal for: Those who feel as those they are stuck in a rut and are no longer happy with the life they are living.

Focuses: Identifying the Sources of Your Unhappiness, Finding Your Purpose, Realising Your Potential, Finding Inspiration and Motivation.

Getting Healthy (more info)

Ideal for: Those wanting to take control of their health, lose weight, improve fitness or just create a healthy lifestyle.

Focuses: Healthy Diet and Exercise Habits, Maintaining Motivation, Setting Healthy Goals, Self-Confidence.

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