Discover Strengthen Heal provides travel options for people who are looking to get away and focus on themselves for a while. Our trips are designed to provide an environment where people can focus on their mental and physical health and wellbeing.


The trips that we offer come in a variety of different forms, from spiritual trips that encompass meditation or prayer, to trips that include more physical activity such as hiking and yoga, as well as trips that provide a more therapeutic setting for people to process grief, depression, anxiety and stress.


People are more open to self-growth while travelling. Unfamiliar environments have the ability to bring out the best in people.


When we take ourselves away from everything we know we are more willing to step out of our comfort zone, we spend more time looking inside of ourselves, reflect on our lives and we tend to be more willing and able to deleop as a person.


The idea of Discover Strengthen Heal is to give people the opportunity to consiously take time out to work on themselves in a new environment.


Discover Strengthen Heal trips are quite unique. Each trip is carefully planned out to ensure our partcipants can get the most out of their time with us. We try to understand the needs and expectations of our clients first and endeavour to provide them with the most appropriate itinerary for them to achieve their goals.


We include many elements into our itineraries in order to provide our participants with as many opportunities as possible for self-growth. These elements include cultural immersion, physical challenges such as hiking or rock climbing, spiritual activities such as temple and monastery visits, pilgrimage trips or meditation, as well as counselling, retreat stays and wilderness accommodation.


  • GROUP TRIPS Each trip has a theme which is the focus point for the entire trip.

The themes that we currently offer are:

  • Living With Depression

  • Living With Anxiety

  • Overcoming Grief

  • Life After Domestic Abuse

  • Managing Stress

  • Career Break

  • Improving Self-Esteem And Confidence

  • Body Image/Eating Disorders

  • Mens Mental Health

  • Moving Forward After A Relationship Breakdown





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