Your New Chapter Group Trips

Life sends us all sorts of curve balls, some of which have the capacity to be life-changing. These massive life changes have the potential to change our lives in all sorts of ways and negatively affect our mental health and wellbeing, but what is for certain is that there is a silver lining in every single one of them.

Whether you're going through a divorce, undertaking a career change, or you're left with an empty nest now that your children have all grown up, Discover Strengthen Heal's Your New Chapter group trip might just be what you're looking for. These trips have been designed to help participants discover the silver lining in their current situation, take heed of the opportunity in front of them and move forward into the next chapter of their life with openness and enthusiasm.

Participants on our Your New Life trips can expect to reignite old passions, discover new ones and head home with a better understanding of what they want out of the next chapter of their life.

Duration: 12 days

Suitable for: People going through a major life change and who are looking to move forward into the next stage of their life with a greater sense of happiness and meaning.

Locations: Republic of Georgia, Uganda, Mongolia, Nepal, the Philippines.

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